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Position Overview: 


Reliable Project Manager available to work and supervise individuals at designated job sites throughout Clearfield County up to 20 hours/week.  Must have strong communication, planning, and organizational skills; able to pull complex projects together with multiple people, complete competent person training and attend weekly team meetings.  Home construction and building experience required.  Competitive wages offered.


Clearfield Habitat undertakes construction projects including new construction, rehab, and critical home repairs. As such, a position is needed that will facilitate and manage all construction projects for our organization.  The Project Manager will facilitate all construction projects including planning and developing through completion while following the mission of Habitat for Humanity in accordance with the direction, policies, and objectives set by the affiliate Board and Executive Director.


Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Construction management and supervision on all active job sites in new construction, critical home repairs, and rehabilitation.

• Design and maintain schedules, critical paths, and budgets for each construction project.

• Obtain competitive bids, donated materials, and professional donated labor.


• Supervise subcontractors, volunteers, partner family volunteers, and other labor on the job sites.


• Meet permitting, code, and other grant-specific requirements and inspections.


• Complete projects to Clearfield Habitat’s standards, budgets, and schedules.


2. Develop efficient, effective, and practical building systems to be implemented by affiliate volunteers and subcontractors.


3. Implement safety team meetings with the construction crew prior to each start of the workday.


4. Maintain and submit documentation logs of volunteer and partner family hours in a timely manner.


5. Maintain certification for OSHA Competent Person.


6. Attend weekly project management meetings; prepared to communicate goals, updates, and challenges; variances in completion timeline, budget discrepancies, and any other construction-related questions and/or concerns.  


7. Facilitate and communicate volunteer needs and development with the Volunteer Coordinator.


8. Facilitate homeowner training for new partner families in coordination with other staff.


9. Supervise maintenance of the affiliate-owned property including lots under construction and any future properties to be obtained by the affiliate. Assist with maintenance/projects at the affiliate's storage unit.


10. Supervise maintenance and inventories of all tools, building materials, and vehicles used in construction.


11. Basic computer and tech competencies: ability to check and send emails, operate a tablet/iPad to utilize project management programs and communication software


To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to

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